Dear AchArya RaamAnuja sampradhAyins :
The New simhAsana Kaimkaryam for Prakrutam Srimath 45th Pattam Azhagiya Singar for presentation
on November 7 , 2011 at SealyUr is making progress . We need some additional funds to complete the creation of this new SimhAsanam and offer it as a samarpaNam to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Prakrutam Azhagiya Singar ,Sri NarAyaNa Yateendhra MahA Desikan’s ascent to the AhoBila AchArya Peetam . All of us as SishyAs and abhimAnis of Sri AhoBila Matam have been blessed with many MahOpakArams during this AchAryan’s golden reign that continues gloriously .It is but natural for us as His SishyAs to express our krutajn~atai for our illustrious AchAryan during this landmark occasion and request all sishyAs to come forward and support this Kaimkaryam.

Please send me email , if you wish to take part and support this commemoration event . Your samarpaNams can be sent online to or to Sri Nrsimha Priya office at Chennai (30 Venkatesa agraharam , Chennai 4 ) . I will be happy to provide all the needed details .Thank you in advance for your welcome support and participation !

On this 35th day of announcement of the SimhAsana SamarpaNa Kaimakryam , It is my pleasure now to continue with the coverage of the recent book release entitled “ Indian Philosophical Systems , A Critical Review based on Vedanta Desika’s Paramata-bhanga “ by U.Ve. VidvAn , Dr.S.M.S.Chari . You can purchase a copy of this scholarly and yet eminently readable last monograph of my dear friend , VaikunThavaasi Dr.S.M.S. Chari from Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers ( ).

An ebook in English on Para mata Bhangam ( 33rd ebook in the Sundarasimahm series , ) has already been released by adiyEn . This ebook has 97 pages of English Text along with the original 54 Paayirams of Swamy Desikan’s Para Mata Bhangam . Please refer to this ebook for additional information on the details of this important Sri Sookti of Swamy Desikan .

Following excerpts from my previous posting (Part I) would provide continuity for the subsequent postings .

“ Para Mata Bhangam is a KanDana Grantam is a logic-based critique about the deficiencies and pitfalls of 15 Matams ( Veda Baahya and Kudhrushti Matams) and establishes the unassailable superiority of the Parama Vaidhika Matam of VisishtAdvaitam among all the other Matams. Swamy Desikan was a Master of all darSanams and was one of the leading VaishNavite AchAryans of His time . Para Mata nirasanam or the rejection of faults and deficiencies of Para Matams and Sva-paksha sthApanam (securing the foundation of one’s own Matam ) is an important duty of an AchAryan . The purpose of the Acharyan in this context is to engage in refutation of the unsatisfactory doctrines of Para Matam ; this is not exclusively for the condemnation of the Para matams but to spare one’s own sishyAs from becoming confused and agitated . Hence , Sri Sooktis like Para Mata Bhangam are not to be considered as mere dhUshaNa grantams but also as sva-paksha nirNaya grantams based on rigorous logic” .

“ In Para mata Bhangam , Swamy Desikan establishes the loftiness of Sri VisishtAdhvaita Darsanam over 15 Para Matams , which do not accept Vedas as PramANams or accept the Vedams but provide vipareeta meanings . The central conclusion of Para mata Bhangam is that the upAyam (means) and Phalan advocated by the Para matams are insubstantial , inappropriate and not lasting to gain the parama purushArtham ( the ultimate goal of life) of Moksham , the release from the endless cycles of births and deaths “ .

“ Prior to the creation of the Sri Sokti of Para mata Bhangam , Swamy Desikan has blessed us with Tattva –mukta- Kalaapa and AdhikaraNa SaarAVaLi to establish the soundness of VisishtAdhvaita VedAnta as a sound darsanam ( system of Philosophy). He capped these efforts by creating Para Mata Bhangam , which is a record of a public debate on the banks of river PeNNai between Swamy Desikan and different AchAryas of Para Matams . This debate took place in front of Lord Deavanathan of Thiruvaheendhrapuram and Swamy Desikan was declared the winner of this debate . In the Sri Sookti of Para mata Bhangam , Swamy Desikan critiques the non-Vedic schools of Philosophy such as cArvAka, Buddhism , Jainism and also Vedic schools such as NyAya , VaiSEshika , Saankhya , Yoga , Paasupata, Poorva MeemAmsa , VaiAkaraNa , Bhaskara and Advaita. He proves through His successful debate that “ VisishtAdhvaita VedAnta expounded by AchArya RaamAnuja is (1) the unquestionable authority of the Upanishads and (2) the VedAnta Sootra of BadarAyaNa is the soundest system of Philosophy in comparison to all other Indian Philosophical Schools of thought “.


Swamy Desikan as a brilliant successor to AchArya Ramanuja has blessed us with two critical treatises to establish the soundness of VisishtAdvaita VedAntam on philosophical and logical grounds . These treatises are : (1)Tattva Mukta KalApam and AdhikaraNa SaarAvaLi . Swamy Desikan in His infinite compassion for us has also bequeathed us with a KaNDana grantam named Para Mata Bhangam , where he provides a terse and critical review of Sixteen other darsanams ( schools of thought) belonging both to Vedic and non-Vedic (Veda Baahya )
Matams. Swamy Desikan has also blessed us with SarvArtha Siddhi, his own commentary on Tattva Mukta Kalapa .

Here are the source materials available for a serious student of Para Mata Bhangam by Swamy VedAnta Desikan :

(1) Abinava Desika UttamUr Swamy : a thousand plus page commentary in Tamil entitled AnapAya PrabhA .It was released in 1978 C.E and adiyEn has a copy of this out of print text .

(2) As referred to earlier , The 33rd ebook in the Sundarasimham ebook series has 97 pages of coverage in English of the Sri Sookti Of Para Mata Bhangam ( 14th Desika prabhandham with 54 Tamil Paayirams). This 33rd ebook in the series on Para Mata Bhangam ( rejects Veda Baahya Matams and Kudhrushti Matams and establishes that VisishtAdhvaita Matam is the soundest Matam and Prapatti at the sacred feet of Sriman NarAyaNan is the superior phalan that one can gain . The MahOpakArams of PoorvAchAryAs like Sage VyAsa through His Brahma sootrams are celebrated and the Commentary of AchArya RaamAnujA for the Brahma Sootrams (SrI BhAshyam) is established as the most logical and sound commentary for those Sootrams .This ebook was prepared for samarpaNam to Astika Community during the occasion of the SatAbhishEkam of HH Srimath 45th Pattam Azhagiya Singar , SrI NarayaNa Yateendhra MahA Desikan at Srirangam in 2006 C.E.

(3) U.Ve. Villivalam Srimath NaarAyaNAcchAr Swamy has blessed us with a scholarly Sanskrit Text for portions of Paramata Bhangam . He is the elder brother of Prakrutam 45th Pattam Srimath Azhagiya Singar . He could not complete the full coverage due to his illness . After Srimath NaarAyaNAcchAr Swamy attained Parama Padham , Prakrutam Villivalam Azhagiya Singar completed the incomplete monograph as a labor of love to His PorovASrama elder brother for all his MahOpakArams .

(4) The most recent monograph on Para Mata bhangam is by U.Ve (Dr.) S.M.S.Chari . It includes the critical assessment of the fifteen plus schools of thoughts following Swamy Desikan’s path to establish the soundness of VisishtAdhvaita darsanam .
Continued in part-2