> Pranams Swamin:
> adiyen's father recently passed away and adiyen got 2 kinds of opinion
> about amavasya tarpana from elders/bruhaspathis. One opinion was to start
> tarpana after 1st year. The second opinion was to start right away and a
> slight modified version was to start in the first year in a punya kala like
> grahana for the first time.
> What is the significance of starting right away or waiting for a year? why
> is there a discrepancy on the recommendations?
> Thanks for your input swamin
> adiyen
> Bharath

My father passed away in May 2011
we have been performing the masyams & oonam
i want to know whether we have to do the tharpanam on amavasais and masa pirappu.
right now i do only amavasai tharpanam.
seeking your advice