Argyam in Samskrit means “an oblation to a reverential God”.

Offering argyam water means letting water run over the the outstretched palm of one's right hand while reciting the divine name. The water offered to pithrus is called tharpanam and the water offered to dévatas (deities) is called argyam. Offering argyam to all deities everyday is a wonderful spiritual practice.

This Arghyam has a special significance among Brahmins in particular. The astra(weapon) of the Kshatriyas would be bows, arrows, maces,etc. Likewise, the Arghyam symbolizes the weapon of the Brahmins. The arghyam is the weapon which is used to assist the Surya deva in slaying the Mandeha demons who bring about laziness in the world. In the sandhyavandanam the arghyam is done 3 times to destroy 3 attributes of these demons.

Imagine this scenario; Sun is about to arise in the east, and we offer argyam as an oblation to Him, with a prayer, to inspire us to contemplate on that light of the “ignorance reliever” namely the Universal soul, and take us to the ultimate desire of mumukshus ( one desirous of liberation/moksha), and deliver us from this cycle of birth and re-births.