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Kayena vacha manasendriyenva Buddhayatmnava prakreetiswabhavat

Karomi yadhyat sakalam parasmai Narayanayeti samarpayami |

Meaning: Whatever I do with my mind, body, speech or with other senses of my body, Or with my intellect or with my innate natural tendencies, I offer everything to the Lord!

Most of us go through life’s various activities. In our own ignorance we arrogate to ourselves, the ownership of the activities and when the results are not in-sync with our expectations, we become sad and dejected.

One of the most powerful ways on the route to spirituality is to do any action as an agent. If there is an attitude, that I have to do an activity because it is my obligation, I will not worry about the results. Just as a soldier kills on the battlefield as an agent of the country and he will not be punished for any act, similarly if we do any act as an agent of the supreme, there is no impact. Every action incidentally which is done with a feeling of ownership has a karmic impact with strong potential for a rebirth due to that action. However any action done with a true feeling that it is my obligation to serve humanity or this activity is for a larger cause beyond my selfishness, will not have any karmic impact.