Don't Take Parents for Granted

Once upon a time , there was this 20 years old boy called Adam who was his mommy only son,, she was always worried about him and can’t go to sleep until he goes back home
but he was [always late]!
everyday he hangs out with his friends until the dawn although his mom calls him to be Reassured but he never answers her calls,

the next day Adam told his mother that he is going on a camping trip with his friend for 3 days
“take care of yourself Adam & take your mobile with you and please answer my calls” she said
“don’t call me that much! My friends make fun of me because of all your calls I’m not a kid anymore mum” he replied nervously.. & then he left

when Adam arrived he and his friends said that they will switch their mobiles off in order to avoid the annoying calls from their parents and in that way they’ll have so much more fun , 2 days passed &in the third day one of Adam’s friend called rayan switched on his mobile to text his girlfriend but he found more than 100 missed calls and over 50 text message from his father and sister to come back home and one of the texts was from his mother written on it “please son come back if you can, I want to see you” , he called his mother to ask her what’s happening but she didn’t answer then he called his father he answered with a voice filled of sorrow and pain
What happened dad! He asked ,, then Rayan found out that his mother died,,he was shocked threw his mobile on the ground & began to cry bitterly ,his mom died without telling her that he loves her or asking her to forgive him she died from 2 days and he didn’t know! He didn’t attend her Funeral either ,,and why? just to have fun!!

Adam was shocked and remembered his mother and what he did to her
he returned home immediately & found his mother sleeping on the sofa next to the telephone waiting a call from him
he looked at her carefully,, he noticed for the first time her white hair and the wrinkles in her face then he cried and hugged her and kissed her hands “forgive me mom I’m sorry I will never leave you alone again,, I promise ” he said while crying &from that day Adam made a time for his mom & fulfilled his promise to his mom and never left her alone worried about him

Adam learned the hard lesson and you when will you learn this lesson and make time for your parents before its too late??
Remember to love your parents...We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.