On 6 April 2013 03:54, P.C. Ramabadran wrote:
I have not been and am not able to get into brahminsnet.com
due to my inability to open the site with the user name and
password so kindly provided by you. I do not know what goes
wrong, where and why. In the meantime I am posting the
following query for a learned person like you to reply if you
can kindly and oblige.

I shall be grateful if you can kindly clarify as to

1.How many saligramam moorthis one can keep at home

2.To how many saligramam moorthis one should perform
nithya aradhana.

3. It is said that one shall not buy saligramam moorthis
but invariably people going to Nepal buy the saligramam
moorthis against cash.

with best wishes

pc ramabadran

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