Dear Users,
Today we have introduced a new facility called "Follow user".

What is User Following?
Follow User from is a modification designed to allow members to follow one another in different social aspects of the forum. When a followed user completes an action such as a new post or a new thread, the followers receive either an email and/or PM updates based on their preference.

Follow User allows users to follow one another and get notifications when the member they follow complete certain actions.

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Some of our senior members are not loging in often due to some problem,
they can use this facility to get the postings of some of our members of their favorite persons,
by enabling the email option, they can get the postings through their email.

To use this facility : Click on the "Community" Menu or "Quick Links" Menu found in the second (green) menu bar
and you will find this link as "Follow Users".

Also, Follows - Following statistics will be shown in every posting left side details (which is also called postbit).

I hope most of our members will like this facility.
Enjoy and post your feedback.