A Suggestion / Complaint & Solution
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 09:35:15 -0700
From: padmanabhan
Subject: Padmanabhan Here
To: nvs

Dear Sir

An advertisement block is appearing which is disturbing.
It is blocking the a portion of the post at the top.
Please look into this



To: Padmanabhan Janakiraman
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 11:33 AM
Subject: RE: Padmanabhan Here

Dear Sir,
Kindly be specific,
there are many styles in this forum.
Which style you are using?
The default style is : Back To Basics.
I am checking all styles and all postings,
I could not find any advertisement block in my browser?!

Use some screen capture program like mspaint,
just press the print screen key when you are in the error page,
and open the paint program
then click on the paste menu
then save that file as error.jpg
and send it to me through email,
then I could find the error and rectify it.

Best Regards,
Best Wishes,

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 13:40:30 -0700
From: padmanabhan_janakiraman
Subject: Re: Padmanabhan Here
To: nvs

Dear you, Thanks for Visiting Brahmins Net!
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Dear Sri SVS Sir

In this attached file you can see in the side an advertisement which never goes; if i open Social Folder to post, it blocks in the left side just like shown in this attachment

Hope it helps



I could not see your picture. It is not in a correct format.

But, I could guess what you are telling about,
I have added a new sharing buttons in the left side for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumbler, Yahoo etc.
It will load at the time of your login which may hide the main form for few seconds
later it will automatically go to its place to slide through the left border of the main form.

It is a very very good and important facility to popularise your postings,
I am trying to get you more viewers for your valuable postings.
To do so, we have to tempt users to share it through all major social networks like Facebook, Twitter

Click on the above link to see the picture taken in Google Chrome.
I checked in Internet Explorer, Firefox also, only in fire fox it is very closer to the main form but not overlapping on it.
If you are using any old version of browsers, try to update it for new version.
Thanks for your feedback,
Also, consider I am giving most important for your feedbacks,
attending to clear all problems notified
All my efforts are only towards promoting and bringing to top rank of our website.

Best Regards,
Best Wishes,