One of our member asked me this question today.

Now I made it very easy for you.
After login, you click the | Group | menu in the naviagation bar see picture
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If you have already joined any group click the group and go there to read new post or to create new post.

If you want to create your own group you can do it by clicking the "Join Group" you will get in to the group area
in the left area you will find a blue button with "Create Group" you can select it if you want to create a group.

Either if you want to join a existing group you can click the "+Join" in every group, click it to join that group that's it.
If you are already a member of any group you will find "Leave" instead of "Join", you can use it to leave that group.

I expect members to create and run their own group as well as joining my groups.
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