TIRUPATI: Devotees will not be allowed entry into the shrine of Lord Venkateswara at nearby Tirumala for about 17 hours from 5pm tomorrow to 10am on Friday on account of lunar eclipse, temple sources said.

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They said the shrine would be closed an hour before sunset tomorrow and opened early on Friday. The priests would then conduct 'cleansing' of the ancient shrine, followed by pre-dawn rituals, including recitation of Suprabatham and Archana rituals.

Pilgrims would be allowed to have a darshan of the Lord only after 10am on Friday, they said.

According to the TTD almanac, the lunar eclipse would take place from 1.22am to 1.55am (a few minutes in small hours) on Friday, they added.

I was wondering the reason for closing Temples during Lunar/Solar Eclipses

This answer gives some information

There are different thoughts.

Basically, it is a fact that planetary movements do have some sort of effect to the earth & all living beings. For example, the sea tides are controlled by the effect of the moon. In the same context, it is believed that during the solar eclipse, there is a strong negative charge loading on the earth. Since the temples are built to attract astral energy & positively charge the devotees, the positive effects will be reversed during the solar eclipse. This is one way of thought.

Deities in temples, which have been consecrated by mantras and rituals, have an external energy field around the form, which combined pull of the sun and moon during the installation can weaken during the eclipse, is the other way of thought.

The fact remains that the deities in the temples are installed by avaahana mantras. The effect of such beejamantras may diminish during the eclipse, if the deity is exposed and therefore they should be closed. Further, during eclipse, mantras are chanted to regain power and subsequently, all the rituals will be conducted, as done at the time of installation, is another way of thought.

However, our Hindu astrologers, who are so eminent in the field can throw more light on the subject than an ordinary devotee.

In regard to “Andha Viswasam”, nothing can be questioned! Why? If we remonstrate and try to convince, so many questions are required to be answered, but all the answers are again interrogative. Is it not a fact that we ourselves are not aware of most of the ceremonial observations, but continued to perform? All our customs and habits according to Sanatana Dharma cannot be supported by scientific reasons. So we will be constrained to ignore. The sanctified flow of Bhakti towards God should be allowed to flow uninterruptedly.


I request NVS Sir and kgopalan Sir to Share their views on this .