What is called Karmic Debt

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Numerology is based on the ancient idea that each of us is a spiritual being, or a soul, who incarnates on the earth many times in order to further evolve toward higher states of awareness.
During our long evolutionary path of many incarnations, we have accumulated a wealth of wisdom, and have made many good choices that benefit us in future lifetimes. We have also made mistakes, and have sometimes abused the gifts we have been given. To rectify such errors, we may take on an additional burden in order to learn a particular lesson that we failed to learn in previous lifetimes. In numerology, this burden is called a Karmic Debt.

Now the next question comes to our mind is how to find out one’s Karmic Debt.
Did you know your birth date could reveal your karmic debts of your past life? There is no need to worry, if you don't believe in spending time and money on going to past life regression courses. This formula given below will give you a synopsis of your Karmic debts. Give it a shot...
A, B, C are related to your birthday and box D is that of Destiny and is the sum of your entire birth date reduced to a single digit. If your birth date is 21.11.1977, 21 enters box B, 11 in box A,1977 in box C and addition of the entire birth date 21+11+1977=2009=11=2, so that goes into box D as below.
Box K is your debt number (Subtract seeing the formula in box K, which is B-1, i.e. 21-1=20=2. So 2 is the karmic debt of a person born on 21.11.1977).
A= 11
B= 21
C= 1977
D= 2
K=2 (B-1)

Read on to learn the interrelation between your karmic debts and your present life. Make your present life better...

One: If you have one in box K, you were unable to be independent in your past life. So you need to learn to be independent as there is a likelihood of your being dependent in your present life as well.

Two: If you have two in box K, you did not use your intuition in your past life and so in this life you will only gradually come to recognise and use it.

Three: If you have three in box K, you frittered away your last life by living frivolously. In this lifetime you need to be discriminative and learn to know when to be serious or light-hearted.

Four: If you have four in box K, you must have felt many times that you are being required to work twice as hard as others to reach where others get. This is because you were lazy in your past life. When you move through life and pay off this karmic debt, life becomes much easier for you.

Five : If you have five in box K, the lesson for you to learn is to use your time wisely as you have overindulged in a wide range of sensual activities in your past life. But this is not an easy lesson, and it usually takes years before you realise that time is slipping away.

Six: If you have six in box K, you need to learn to love and care for your family, as in your last life you ignored your family responsibilities.

Seven: If you have seven in box K, you need to develop spirituality and faith in this life, as in your previous birth you failed to develop spiritually. You're likely to have a sceptical and doubting approach in your early life.

Eight: If you have eight in box K, you have to work very hard to attain financial prosperity till your karmic debt is repaid. This is because in your last life you misused money, just squandered it away and probably even misappropriated it.

Nine: If you have nine in box K you have to become a true humanitarian in this life otherwise you will find it very difficult to progress. This is because you avoided helping others in your previous life.

Eleven: If you have eleven in box K you need to avail and make best use of opportunities that come your way in this life. In your last life too you got good opportunities but you could not seize them due to fear of failure or lack of confidence.

Twenty Two : If you have twenty two in box K, you need to accept responsibility and work hard if you want to succeed as you had misused your responsibility in your previous birth.
Numerology only acknowledges number 1-9 (and number 11 and 22, which are considered master numbers). So if the sum of the figures of your birthday makes more than 1-9, 11 or 22, you just need to add it up in order to know your karmic debt.

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