Be careful not to single out and label your kid.

"She is the smart one," or "He is our athlete," or, even worse--"She is the pretty one." When you do this, you limit your kids. By "naming" them, you are limiting their potential and defining their self worth based on one interest, one skill, or as horrifying as it sounds, their appearance. Instead of labeling your kids, praise their interests and passions, their drive to work hard, and their ability to persevere. It's the process and work ethic that you need to encourage and praise, not the end result. Your kids will achieve amazing things. Just watch them.

And you have to be careful about labeling OTHER kids, even ones you see in the grocery store, especially about their appearance. It makes it sound like that's all that matters. If you feel you need to compliment a child, ask if they are a good helper! Or what their interests are. Don't even comment on their looks or what they are wearing.

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