Thirukurungudi divyadesam

Thirukurungudi divyadesam is a combination of five nambis- three of them Nindra nambi, Kidantha nambi and Amarnda nambi in the main temple, one each at Parkadal nambi temple and Malaimel nambi temple.

Known as the ‘Dakshina Badri’, the Azhagiya Nambi temple at Thirukurungudi is located about 40kms from Tirunelveli (and about 15kms from Nanguneri) off the Nagercoil highway at the foot of the Mahendra hill on the Western Ghat.

While Lord Narayana, at Badri, lectured Ramanuja, at Thirukurungkudi, he took the role of a disciple and obtained Vaishnava Initiation from Ramanuja. Hence the Lord here is called Vaishnava Nambi

The Lord here has 39 different names including Kurungkudi Nambi, Tirupparkadal Nambi and Malai Mel Nambi. Lord Nambi answered the prayers of a childless couple and was born as Nammazhvaar at Azhvaar Thirunagari.

An interesting stone inscription is found on both ends of the south mada street, of an agraharam having been built by a British officer, Mr. Livings who was the Collector of Tirunelveli during 1849 A.D. The early temples were built in the form of mandapam for the sanctum. Later the arthamandapam, mukhamandapam and mahamandapam were added to meet the growing need for rituals and festivals.

The temple at Tirukkurungudi has a collection, intricate carvings with exuberant details rich in different styles of the Pandyan and Nayak dynasties. Superb wood carvings are found in the tiers of the temple tower. Large stone carvings at the Rati mandapam and Veerappa Nayak mandapam exhibit intricate details. The masterpiece is the carved Narasimha performing the ``Hiranya Vadham.'' The mastery of the artisan is visible on the walls of the main tower and special mention is of a piece depicting the trading between India and the Persian gulf.

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