Dear Astikas,
I am happy to announce about the Live Telecasting of this year Sama Upakarma on 31-08-2011 by 9.30 am IST
It is going to be done at "Sri Yoga Narasimhar Temple" at Velacheri, Chennai, Tamil Nadu in ordinary manner.
That is no homam will be performed. All other rituals Rishi Tarpanam, Vedarambam, Yajgnopaveeta Dharanam will be performed.
This telecast is going to be rendered in Live through
The link will be given like this:
I don't know the link will be the same or it will be given newly.
And also you have to check whether this website requires any registration to view this video.
We can give it through skype or ooVoo but that will accept only very few members upto 6 only can watch.
But in this website they are allowing unlimited or may be upto 50 persons.
So, Check it earlier, and before that, let me know your interest about joining this through email (vaideekamATgmailDotcom)
It will be useful for me whether I have to spend some time or not.
Please send your response at the earliest.
Also, if many people prefer any time later to convenient for people in US can send me the convenient time for one more telecast for their convenience.