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The temple of Sri Ranganatha is situated at Srirangam on an island strip, between the sacred Kaveri river and its largest branch, the Kollidam. The temple is foremost among the 108 Divya-Desas sacred to Sri Vaishnavites and one of the greatest in the South, known as Boologa Vaikuntam. Historically this is four thousand years old. This temple has seven prakaras some of the outer ones being regular streets with residential houses. In this temple, sri Mahavishnu known as Ranganatha is in a reclining pose, on the serpent couch, Adisesha, awe, inspiring in size
The Sthalapurana has it that the Lord was worshipped by Vibishana, brother of Ravana.

According to Valmiki’s Ramayana, the idol of Ranganatha at Srirangam was the one worshipped by the predecessors of sri Rama of the Ikshwaku dynasty of Ayodhya. Srirangam is a centre of pilgrimage all round the year. All the 12 Alwars (realized souls) in their ecstatic darshan of the Lord have rendered Pasurams in praise of the Lord.

The ‘Arayar Seva’ the exposition of Divya Prabandam(Tamil Vedas), through Nritya is a remarkable item forming part of the festival of Lord Ranganatha. Vaishnava Acharya Sri Ramanuja adorned the pontifical seat at Srirangam and spent nearly twenty years and wrote his monumental works.