Members are requested to Use this forum to make an appeal about helping a poor Brahmin Family deserving for food, accommodation,education etc.
As per my views, we can not find anybody in this category for suffering everything. Mostly, still few are there with difficulties to have a good higher education.

If a boy or girl really can be helped by identifying some sponsor for their education if they are really qualified for that.
If they are not willing to publish their details explicitly, we can avoid doing that. Instead we can provide the email ID of the sponsor to that particular person to contact directly and helped if he/she could convince the sponsor.

2.Gold for Thirumangalyam
This is widely required by many people. Last month a old lady (mami) found very Orthodox with 'Maidsar' came to my house and standing outside the gate and asked me some typical help. She told, that her husband (mama) who is nearing 81 was in a critical illness, hence she had a Prarthanai to Lord Sri Venkatesa, "I will have the mangalyam by my husband on his Sathabhishegam by begging it from some unknown if he recovered soon".
I asked her to come in and we offered some amount with Pudavai,Ravikkai,manjal etc. and did namaskaram (whole family) to her to get her blessings.
A wonder in this, it was the previous day of my mother shradham.
So, we can preserve donations to help like this and some poor who are asking money to buy Thirumangalyam.

3. Placement
This is the mostly expected one by most of the Brahmin youths. We can explicitly announce the list of these persons and we can avail their efficiency in some way till they getting the proper job.

4. Temple Archagas of Remote villages can be helped by giving some cycle or moped etc.

5. Do not post appeal for making jewels and constructing buildings of Temples, that should be done personally. My total aim is doing Bhagavatha kainkaryam instead of doing bhagavath kainkaryam.

Members can suggest more reasons.