Source-------Mahaperiaval dharsana anubavangal-----vol. 6

narrator-----SriMatam Balu mama

compiler----T.S.Kothandarama sarma.

Publisher----Vanathi pathippakam.

Once some important people from a village came to SriMtam for dharsan.

They informed Periava that the Pillaiyar vigraham (statue) in the village had been stolen and requested Him to help in getting another one in its place.

" Is there a lake in your village?"--asked Periava.

" Yes"

"Is there water in it?"

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The villagers looked at each other and replied, " It has not been cleaned by the Panchayat ,and so water is very less...."

" If there is plenty of water in the lake,, it is useful for all people and cattle, is it not?"

" yes.."

"First, all of you clean and deepen the lake...'----thus saying, He gave Prasadham to them ---indirectly indicating that they can leave!

They were all greatly disappointed. Even if He had said that it is not available then, they might have felt alright, He did not talk about the Vigraham at all, they thought.

Deepening the lake is the task of the Govt. machinery. Why should we do it?

But, some elders from the village ruled , " Periavar has asked us to do that job, and if we disobey, all of us will be in trouble"

So, there was no other way, we have bought this ourselves! There is no point in further postponing this. --decided the villagers!

On a particular day, some strong-bodied persons got down into the lake with pick axes and baskets and started the work!

After about an hour, one of them hit something , producing a "Tang" noise.

" Brother, there is some noise here..."---he called others.

They carefully removed the mud in that place using their hands. You know, what they got? yes, a Pillaiyar vigraham( not the stolen one, but another)

After some time, another "Tang" noise, and now they got a Shivalinga!

Next followed Bull ( Nandhi), Ambaal, Murugan, Balipeetam, Durga....

All of them ran back to Kanchipuram .

" We asked Saami ( meaning 'Periava') only for a Pillaiyar vigraham, but now we got a whole Temple..."----their joy knew no bounds!

" construct a thatched shed near the bank, install all the vigrahas there, light lamps and perform pooja daily with fruits....."-----Periava told them.

"what about a temple?...."----asked the villagers.

"Pillaiyar has come to you now, is it not? He will take care of it..."