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Greetings and Namaste. Lord Krishna's birth (Krishnashtami/Gokulashtami/Srijayanti) is being celebrated on 28th of August 2013 (and 29th for some) . In this connection, I am glad to share a rare Krishna Sahasranama from Sri Garga Samhita. This Sahasranama is set to a unique meter Bhujanga Prayata (Chandas) and is said to be given by Lord Krishna Himself to Radhika Devi in Goloka and was later given to King Ugrasena through Sage Vyasa.

As Lord Krishna mentions both in preface and eiplog of the Sahasranama - it is a very rare and a secret one and should not be given to underserving ones. But for the deserving one, this is capable of destroying all sings, bestowing the four Purusharthas and Lord Krishna/Radhika stays in their heart/residence always and becomes Krishna Svarupa. So, the efficacy of this Sahasranama can be easily understood.

There are several Krishna Sahasranamas and this is perhaps least used in spite of its importance. May We Pray To Lord Krishna with this Sahasranama To Seek His Blessings.!

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K. Muralidharan (Murali)

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