Swami Ramkrushna Paramhans was taking a stroll by the river one day. He was accompanied by some disciples.

Some fishermen were catching fishes by the river. Swami was watching the act of catching fishes carefully. He saw that some fishes were lying inert in the net, as if they had accepted their destiny. Some others were yearning to get out of the trap; but their efforts were falling short and for this reason, they were not able to get out of the net. But there were some, who after a lot of efforts had succeeded in freeing themselves from the net and were playing in the water.
Swami told His disciples that like these fishes, men too are of three types. There are some who do not make any efforts to get out of the web of worldly intrigues. Some others want to get rid of the bondages of Bhavsagar, but their efforts are not such that they can break free of the bondage. And the third type are the best, who through their untiring efforts, get liberated from the bondage and acquire the equipoise state.

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In the real sense, the efforts made towards self realisation are called Purushaarth and howsoever severe our Prarabdh might be, we can overcome our destiny through Purusharth (active pursuit) and cross this Bhavsagar.

Those who keep cribbing about their grief make lesser efforts , as their yearning is not strong enough.

Source: thanujathakur