Are You Thinking The Right Thing?

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Have you had your fill of positive thoughts? Now that may seem like a weird question, but most of us tend to ignore mental health and take a positive attitude and mindset for granted. The truth is farthest from this proposition, like the food we eat which shapes our bodies our attitude shapes our mind and finally our Destiny.

What we think is reflected through the words we speak. Our thoughts – whether calm or agitated find reflection in our words. What we speak forms the basis of what our future actions are going to be. Like thoughts which spam words, words in return are the breeding ground of actions.

Be careful of your actions since a repetition of actions eventually leads to forming a habit. An action repeated over and over translates into a habit. A habit nurtured over a period of time changes into values. And values friends, are what shape our Destiny. So be careful of what you think…you may actually get what you thought about!

Source: Gautham Iyengar