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Dear Sri Venkatesan :

Yeruku ilai will be tough to get here . I have copied two knowledgable people familiar with Saama UpAkarma .
My own suggestion would be to use a silver vessel ( broad spoon) as a substitute .
NamO SrI Veda PurushAya,

From: Venkat R. Venkatesan
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 9:09 AM
Subject: Question regarding saama Upakarma


Adiyen is based in Naperville and has a question. What Elai could be used if “erukka elai” is not available. Adiyen used to perform this with another friend and it was not an issue until now. Please let adiyen know of alternatives.

Velamoor R. Venkatesan

Always Manthram is very important and as well as the intention and inclination towards perfection.

One can substitute the Mango leaves for any leaf, in this case it is better to substitute with Vetrilai (Betal leaves) yet another substitution is Palasa (Purasai) leaves.