sri nvs anna
pl help me on the following
I have shifted into my new rented house 2 months back
wherein one family resided for the past 2 years
while coming in, we did only பால் காய்ச்சும் program
and a puja at home level within our family
no homam performed
since my coming in anna, some or the other health problems emerge in me
I am 52 years old
a small head ache, cold, or small fever, body pain, sugar shoot up or giddiness,
constipation, neck pain etc
some or the other everyday..... is my my problem
continuously 03 good days, I was not in good health condition all these two months
any way out with homam or puja related ......?
I will be highly obliged to you in case you advise me on this so that I can have a good peaceful
and healthy living at this new house...?

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