"If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit,or water, I will accept it." (Bg. 9.26)

If God does not have senses, how can He accept and eat the offerings that are presented to Him? According to ritual, we are offering Krsna food daily, and we can see that the taste of this food is immediately changed. This is a practical example. God eats, but because He is full, He does not eat like us. If I offer you a plate of food, you will eat it, and it will be finished. God is not hungry, but He eats, and at the same time, He leaves the food as it is, and thus it is transformed into prasada, His mercy. Purnasya purnam adaya purnam evavasisyate. God is full, yet He accepts all the food that we offer. Still, the food remains as it is. He can eat with His eyes.

As stated in Brahma-samhita, angani yasya sakalendriya-vrttimanti: "Every sense of the Lord's body has all the potencies of the other senses." Although we can see with our eyes, we cannot eat with our eyes. The senses of God, however, being infinite, are different. Simply by looking at the food that is offered to Him, He eats it.

Sree Bala