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adiyen dasasya vignaapanam.
Among the several hundres of books Sri Anbil Srinivasan swamy presented to me a few years back, there was a bundle lying unpacked. Actually adiyen hesitated to open it as the contents, even on the outlook, are in a most bad condition and fearing that they will be lost for ever, adiyen did not open it. Yester day somehow made up my mind and carefully opened it and even though almost all of them are very brittle in nature, adiyen found a xeroxed copy of one "Ramayana sarvasva boomikai". The author or source is not known. When adiyen referred to Sri Anbil swamy, he was also not able to recollect. Anyhow since it is interesting to read, adiyen share it here. Since the papers do not fit into my scanner, adiyen scanned with ny portable scanner and due to the quality of the paper which is already very purple and with its several folds (very much enlarged) the quality of the pdf is not satisfactory but anyhow readable.
T. Raguveeradayal