Refrigerators from 1800 to 1929 used toxic gases like Ammonia, Methyl Chloride and Sulfur-Di-oxide as refrigerants. Several fatal accidents took place in 1920s due to the leakage of these toxic gases. People were forced to leave their fridges in their backyards!

A Chlorofluorocarbon (C.F.C) is an organic compound consisting of Carbon, Chlorine and Fluorine. This is a much safer substitute for the toxic gases being used in the refrigerants.

When Plunkett was trying to make a new C.F.C refrigerant, the perfluorethylene spontaneously polymerized in its pressurized storage container, using the iron of the container as a catalyst!



Kinetic Chemicals patented it in 1941 and registered the Teflon trademark in 1945.

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The kitchenware were revolutionized with the nonstick pans -which need less cooking oil and are far more easier to clean!

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