Dear Members,
With respect to the suggestions from some senior members,
some of the forum elements have been removed and the forum look and feel also changed for a change!
Now the default style of the forum is changed to 'Default' from previous 'Back to Basics' style.
In this style all members will see the forum content in a uniform manner,
i.e, 2% of width only given as margin in left and right side of the screen.
So, the gap will be large in huge screen and it will be less in small screens, but the look remains same due to percentage.

The right side blue strip 'Quick Menu' is totally removed.

The Top sliding menu is brought inside the document under 'Sri Sankaracharya's' picture as "Full Sliding Menu", it will be so nice to navigate through the forum easily.

The mail man image is changed to a small size.
If you find the mail man occasionally, you have to click on him to see the new message arrived in your in box.
He will disappear automatically after you read the message.

Dear you, Thanks for Visiting Brahmins Net!
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Expecting more suggestions and more cooperation from members.