Dear Mama,
Your answers regarding dharma sastram are quite
interesting. One thing I have been noticing and now
confirmed by you is that the sastram is an ancient
prescription by rishis quite relevant in times when
they were prescribed. As times are changing, people
are also talking of yuga dharmam, kala dharmam and
desa acharam, etc. In fact some one said to me that
if a person dies in India, his relatives living far
away, like America need not even follow the 'Theettu'
prescription. I would therefore request you to
consider whether the 'dharma sastrathai valaindhu
koduppathu saridhana'. Appadiyanal, etharku konjam
follow panrom and meethiyai vittuvidugirom. Enakku
romba nala intha santhekangal. Can you pl. clarify.
Another thing, kovillukku porathu, perumal sevaikkaga
mattum. Silar perumalai sila kariyangalukkaga
vendikkolgirargal. Ithil, punyam engirunthu varum.
I always think that going to temples is to cultivate
bhakthi and not for punyam or any material thing.
What bhagavan wants to give he will give whether we go
to temples or not. Templekku va enru allathu
templekku po enro engayavathu solliyirukkinratha?
I amay be pardoned if I sounded strange. But my
conviction is that we should not do anything seeking
palan or punyam or do anything that will get us papam.
We should carry on our duties as ordained and as per
our family traditions in the way our forefathers have
been doing, to the best of our capacity without even
questioning the logic or reason or rhyme for it.
With kind regards,
T V Padmanabhan

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