Dear Members,
A new style / Forum skin is created today.
Members who have got bored with the present style can switch to the new style called "Pale Green"
Most of the members who like a polite look will like this style.
Try and let me know your comments.

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I have already posted a detailed method of changing the settings.

You can change the style in a very quick way as below:
Method 1 (Easy): Scroll down (from any page) to find the bottom bar (immediately below the bottom advertisement).
Look at the left corner of the bar you will find a style name like "--Default" with a down row to its right.
Click on that arrow, a drop down menu will be displayed with many style names.
Out of it select the "----Pale Green" to switch to that style.
Nothing to do after selection.
Method 2 : Click settings on the top right corner
Then click "General Settings"
Then select the Forum Skin Tab
Select the Style "----Pale Green".