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    Living with one wife happily - Positive story
    Happy Married Life*_

    When I was abroad some one asked
    How long you have been married ?

    I replied 26 years. He was surprised and said "How can you live so long with only one wife"

    I told him... This is not unique, my grandpa and grandma lived together 70 years after marriage.

    He couldn't believe

    My Grandpa and Grandma lived happily too, that doesn't mean they had no quarrel, difference of opinion, when they quarrelled sometimes I used to feel whether they were enemies for last 7 births.

    But it was momentary.

    After dinner my Grandpa used to read news paper. My Grandma has to sit beside and listen to him. If she is not around he will search for her, bring her and make her to sit beside. My Grandma could hardly hear, even if one shouts she can't hear!

    But he will read and explain that days politics and news. She will laugh inbetween and ask *" is it so did Indiramma really said so ? What did Murarji say for that ?"*

    Whatever he says and whatever she might hear.. but the dialogue used to continue for one hour without miss.

    One day I asked Grandpa...
    "Grandpa, why are you reading news paper to Grandma? neither she can hear nor she can understand'.

    Grandpa replied...
    "Do you think I don't know that ? She will feel satisfied that her husband is reading something to her, that's why I do this".

    I asked Grandma...
    " Grandma neither you can hear nor you can understand politics, even then why you sit and listen to him"

    She told me...
    " My dear child, what I will make of politics? Who cares about it? You know why I sit patiently and listen to him? If I listen to him he feels happy, I am satisfied if he feels happy, that's enough for me"

    How wonderful this way of living?_

    Husband for the happiness of wife and wife trying for the happiness of husband, that too after 50 years of marriage.

    This was the secret of their marriage.

    The relations in life are very sensitive and delicate, sacrifice is the only thing which can cement the relationships.

    The sacrifice need not be big things, small adjustments, if mutual interests are identified and importance is given for such small things, happiness happens on its own.

    Relations get torn when one feels I am superior and I only should win, this ego will loosen the relationship knot.

    In happy married life no one wins or no one looses If we continue by appreciating other's strengths and filling up mutual weaknesses, even after 100 years, the marriage will retain the fragrance of the day of marriage