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  • Chinna Chinna Happiness

    Chinna Chinna Happiness

    (சின்ன சின்ன சந்தோஷங்கள்)

    We all enjoy small small happiness occasionally; I am listing out some of them, you may add many more.

    When your son/ Daughter is born and you become a DAD!!!
    When you become Grand Father, when a Grand son/ Grand Daughter is born)

    When your Doctor says your Diabetics is under control

    When your friend pays your restaurant Bill!!
    (This happens very rarely, as most time you become illichavayan)

    When you get window seat/ Lower Berth in Bus/ Train

    (Very difficult to get even a Seat in City Busses and Railways Reservation always allots you upper berth)

    When your office colleague returns you Rs 500/- loan which he took long back..
    (Very seldom your friend returns your money)

    When you get Appreciation letter from your Boss and Promotion Letter and salary hike.

    (Finally you got a reward for your hard work)

    When you get Office/School Holiday due to Bandh

    (Who cares, one day I can take oil bath and sleep, but taking oil bath !!!!)

    When you see you got pass marks in all papers (Not very ambitious)

    (It is true in our younger days)

    When you see your son/ daughter/ Grand son/ Grand Daughter Wins in any discipline
    (What you could not achieve they did it)

    When your Josier tells everything good for your future;
    (Probably he hooked you ... Illichavaya)

    When you play Rummy, you make arrest and every other players pay full!!

    When your wife comes out of Shop after very short time!!

    (How many of you guys waited hours together at the Shop when your wife was shopping)

    When your favorite team wins the Game.

    When your husband says, Sambar very Tasty!!

    When your Husband says “you look very nice)

    (that means he has done some Silly thing, to avoid you scolding him he says this)

    When your husband praises you in front of your Friends

    When your wife says “you look smart”
    (She is going to ask for something which you can never guess)

    You win a prize in Bingo, in Friends gathering

    When your friends appreciates you for winning the game..

    When someone returning you, your lost cell phone.

    When an old beggar women blesses you “Maharajana Iru

    When you gift orphanage things they needed...

    When you fly for the first time...

    School time friend who lost contact with you, suddenly rings you up!!

    Did you enjoy reading this ?