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5 Curses of Mahabarata that are effective in present now

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  • 5 Curses of Mahabarata that are effective in present now

    5 Curses of Mahabharata that are Effective in Present Now

    1. Curse of Yudhishthir : We all have been reading and listening the religious scriptures like Mahabharata and Ramayana since childhood that’s why their main characters are well known of us. Similarly one of the main characters of Mahabharata is Yudhishthira, who was the elder brother of Pandavas. In the end of Mahabharata War, when Yudhishthira came to know that his mother Kunti had hidden a secret from him that Karana is his elder brother then he cursed every woman of the world that “ From today no woman will be able to keep any kind of matter secret ”.

    His curse is still effective in today’s life, that’s why you may also see that woman never hide anything and tell their friends everything, which we call gossip.

    ( Don't tell to your wife...for your safety)

    2. Curse of Rishi Shringi : Pandavas had given their entire ruler to the Abhimanyu’s Son Parikshit and went toward paradise. During that period, peoples were living peacefully under their king Parikshit, Kalyug had also come but due to Parikshit he was unable to dominate the world. In this situation, one day king Parikshit went to forest for hunt and there he meet to Sage Shameek.

    That time Rishi Shameek was completely engrossed in his Austerity and he had taken a vow to silence. But when Rishi doesn’t answer to King Parikshit then Pariskhit put a dead snake in the neck of Rishi Shameek. The whole matter reaches to Rishi Shameek’s son Sage Shringi and he cursed King Parikshit in anger that after 7 days, Snake Takshak will bite King Parikshit and he will die. Due to the curse of Rishi Shringi, king died after 7 days and then Kalyug stared to dominate the world, which we can see even today.

    3. Curse of Lord Shree Krishna : At the end of Mahabharata War, Ashwathama, who was son of Guru Dronacharya teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas had used Brahmastra against Pandavas. To avoid the effect of Brahmastra Arjun also had to use Brahmastra. The collision of two Brahmastra may cause the situation of Whole world’s end that’s why Maharishi Vyasa ask both the warriors to take back their Brahmastra.

    Arjun withdraw his Brahmastra but Ashwathama did not know how to take back Brahmastra, that’s why he changes the direction of his weapon towards the womb of Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara to end the descendants of Pandavas. This angered Lord Krishna and his curs Ashwathma that “ you will roam on earth for 3 thousand years, blood will continue to flow from your wombs, no one will on earth will be able to talk you and you will be crave to die for those 3000 years.

    4. Curse of Sage Mandvya : Only few people heard about Sage Mandvya of Mahabharata. Once despite having not mistaken he was caught by king’s army accidently and punished to be hanged. But when he was not died even after hanging for long then king realized his mistake and apologized to sage.

    After forgiving the king Rishi Mandvya went to Lord Yamraj and asked him about his crime. On this Yamraj said that, at the age of 12 you had pinched a needle in a worm’s tail, due to which you have to experience this punishment. This angered Sage Mandvya, he said at the age of 12 he was an innocent child and he did not knew that what is right and what is wrong. That’s why; he should not punish like this for such a small and accidently committed sin. Rishi Mandvya cursed Yamraj that you will have to born as a son of slave in Shudra Family and because of this curse Yamraj had to born as Vidur in Mahabharata.

    (Indian Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code
    And section 83 of IPC enshrines – 'Nothing is an offence which is done by a child who is above 7 years of age and under 12 who has not attained the sufficient maturity of understanding in order to judge the nature and consequence of his act on that particular occasion)

    5. Curse of Urvarshi : Arjun was one of the most lovable and powerful character in Mahabharata. Once he went to paradise, where Apsara Urvarshi was attracted towards him. When Urvashi confessed her love to Arjun then Arjun call her like his mother. This angered Urvashi and she cursed Arjun to live as an Impotent and had to dance like them.

    Arjun scared of this curse and went to Lord Indra and told him about his curse. Lord Indra told Arjun that you don’t need to panic because this curse will play an important role in your life and will be helpful for you in your hard times. It happened and during the time of Unknown, Arjun had to hide himself from Kauravas, this curse helped him to do this and he worked as a dancer in a Virat state.

    So friend, these are those 5 curses which played an important role in the making of scripture like Mahabharata and whose effect is still present in today’s life

    Source: aumedu.blogspot

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