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  • A Devotee's experence

    Personal Experience of Shri P.Chennarayudu

    I would like to state my personal experience with Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Varu of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.

    In about February, 1939, while I was working as a teacher in sulurpet, Nellore District, the Swamiji camped in a house exactly opposite of mine, on His return from Benares. His Diwanji and his wife camped in my residence while the Nadaswara Vidwan of the Kamakoti Peetham stationed himself in the verandah of my house. I was witness to a miracle that evening.

    The Nadaswara Vidwan had been demanding increment in his salary but the Swamiji did not sanction it. So that morning he informed the Swamiji that he was leaving the services and going home. The Swamiji bade him play the Mangalaharati at the end of the Puja that day and leave. At about 3 p.m. at the end of the Puja, he tried in vain to produce a note on his Nadaswaram. The music eluded him. In desperation he ran to the Swamiji, prostrated before Him and begged His pardon. Then He got back his powers to play the music as usual.

    Next day my wife and I prostrated before Paramacharya and begged for His blessings for a child. We had been married for about 6 years and my wife had three miscarriages in the stages of advanced pregnancy. His Holiness pleaded that He had no readymade mantram to oblige us and advised my wife to do Puja daily and pray to God. He presented her a silver image of the Goddess and two balls of sandal paste to be worshipped. On the day of His departure, I was standing with a number of my friends in my verandah watching the grandeur of the Swamiji's departure with His vast retinue. He was seated in His palanquin. Someone came to me and said that the Swamiji was calling me. I did not believe it and did not go. He came again and asked me if I had not met the Swamiji the previous day with my wife seeking His blessings for a child and he repeated the call. I immediately ran to the palanquin. When I stood beside the palanquin, He didn't even look at me. The palanquin started. I stood there motionless. The Diwanji, standing by, advised me to run with the palanquin since He had sent for me. I obeyed. I ran behind the palanquin for about two furlongs till we came to the middle of the river Kalangi, flowing by the side of Sulurpet. He stopped the palanquin and allowed me a few minutes to regain my breath. Then He talked to me in chaste English for about twenty minutes. He enquired about the condition of the Brahmins at the village and asked why they had not offered him Bhiksha. I explained that it was due to their small number and poverty. In the end He referred to my prayer the previous day and said "Tell your wife that you will have three sons late in your life, and that they'll be boys of whom any parent can be proud. See me at Kanchi when you chance to visit madras."

    Seven years later, I had my first son in 1946, my second son in 1948 and the third in 1953. My eldest son is a Chartered Accountant, the second and Engineer and the third is a Bank Manager. I am reaping the fruits of His blessings. I am proud of my sons as the Swamiji predicted. I met Him again on two occasions and He could remember me. He also enquired about my children.