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    A Post It Note is a reusable strip of of paper with an adhesive at the back, for temporary attachments.The low tack adhesive can be attached to and detached from any surface easily, without leaving any mark on it!

    Post It Notes have become an essential stationary in every office, yet such a thing did not exist prior to 1968!

    Dr.Spencer Silver with the help of his fellow scientist Jesse Kops at the famous 3M at U.S.A. accidentally developed this low tack adhesive. It was reusable and sensitive to pressure! It could be stuck to any surface temporarily.

    No one knew what to do with an adhesive that would not stick! The discovery appeared to be useless and futile! In 1974, Art Fry-one of Jesse Kopís coworker in the famous 3M-started using this adhesive on a book mark kept in his hymn book.

    Art Fry began to develop this idea and in 1977-almost 9 years after it discovery- 3M launched the Post It Notes.But they failed to impress the prospective buyers. A year later, free samples were handed out to create favorable impressions.

    The choice of yellow color was also another accident. The lab next door to the Post It Team had scrap yellow paper-which the research team used first!

    By 1980 Post It Notes was launched in USA followed by Canada and Europe a year later.

    Desk Top Notes are computer applications developed to allow user to put virtual Post It Notes on the their desktops and laptops.

    Post It Notes may not stick, but they have come to stay!

    Visalakshi Ramani