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Why offer Argyam while doing Sandhya Vandanam ?

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  • Why offer Argyam while doing Sandhya Vandanam ?

    Why offer Argyam while doing Sandhya Vandanam.?

    Arghyam is not a meaningless exercise but aprofoundly meaningful, spiritual Kriya that is also physically purifying.

    Srimad Devi Bhagawatam, The Eleventh Book, Chapter XVI, On the description of Sandhya Upasana:

    Verses 51-80:-

    '...... Now I will tell you why the Arghya is offered to the Sun. Hear. Thirty Koti (crore) Raksasas known as the Mandehas, always roam on the path of the Sun (the mental Sun also). They are great heroes, treacherous and ferocious. They always try to devour the Sun, while they assume terrible forms. For this reason the Devas and the Risis combined offer the water with their folded hands to the Sun, while they perform the great Sandhya Upasana. The water thus offered, becomes transformed into the thunderbolt and burns the heads of the cruel demons (and throws them on the island Mandeharuna) Therefore the Brahmanas daily do their Sandhyopasana.'

    Arghyam is a form of worship or prayer, and is the basic tenet of the vedas.

    The 'Arghyas' delivered skyward from the palms of the worshipper serve as missiles to destroy demons known as 'Mantehars' attacking the sun. This statement in the vedas has a great significance.

    The demon Mandeha (one of lazy effort) and Aruna (one of sanguinary passion) literally and by denotation stand for Tamoguna and Rajoguna. The two demons daily attack the Sun in the form of the Atman. When the Arghya is offered with remembrance of the gayathri whose import is Paramatman in-dwelling the sun, the Rajoguna and the Tamoguna are destroyed. But when we come back to worldly life, the demons become revived and again they should be destroyed at the proper time.

    The process of cleaning the vessel should take place everyday as long as we live in this prakriti.

    The Taittiriya Sruti and Vishnu Purana narrate the following (Taittiriya Aranyaka 2.2):

    Scientific Significance

    The scientific meaning is even more interesting.

    All of our Sandhyavandanam is water based. The Good thought waves generated by the Arghya Danam will penetrate all the three worlds.

    The same explanation will hold for our Achamanam , prokshanam, kalasa pooja, temple teertham, . Arghya is welcome protocol and etiquette. It is one of the 'sodasa' upachara (sixteen honours) to Paramatman etc

    Sources: arunachala-ramana.

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