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vaidikha veshti or yaanai mundi

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  • vaidikha veshti or yaanai mundi

    adiyen rAmAnuja dAsan,

    adiyen hails from bangalore and adiyen has a question on vaidikha veshti also called yaanai mundi.

    adiyen has seen that this veshti seems to have 4 vertical stripes 3 of which are of one color and one of which is of another color. adiyen is very curious to know what is the significance of this pattern. adiyen has attached a could of images for showing what adiyen is asking for. please see attached images.

    is the pattern significant in a practical sense or is there any spiritual/religious significance behind this. adiyen is very curious to know this.

    also where does the name "yaanai mundi" come from and what does it mean?

    i would be very grateful if some of the experts here can clarify adiyen's doubts.

    yadhunandan dAsan
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