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    South Indian Brahmin family
    observe certain practices coming under the general ambit of – “Aacharam” and madi; they are both synonymous to cleanliness and purity.
    Many of our gurus and leaders have always emphasized the need for a human being to observe Aacharam.
    Saint Vyasa said: “Achara Prathamo Dharma: dharmasya prabhu achuta:” Swami Vivekananda also said the word “Aachara” means cleanliness. While Adi sankara had emphasized the need for mental purity, Ramanuja was of the opinion that one needed both mental purity as well as physical cleanliness.
    many of these practices are hygiene-based:

    a) Remove your footwear before you enter a house.

    b) Practice “Drink from up” technique (Thookki Kudi) – water or coffee by pouring into the mouth and not sipping

    c) Bathe before you start cooking

    d) Separate dinner plates for family members

    e) Separate washing places for regular vessels and eating plates

    f) Washing coins in water

    Today, many of these are replaced by alternate practices. We ensure hygiene by using separate house slippers. We sip, use common eating plates, but take care to wash the cups and plates with detergents so that the germs are killed. We may not always bathe before cooking, but we wash our hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer.

    But there are no changes in certain other practices – we still retain our individual tooth brushes and towels.
    In today’s polluted world, there are no two opinions that personal hygiene is the only way we can stay healthy and alive. Coming to sports hygiene, of late many coaches and teams have pushed for better hygiene control in locker rooms and shower rooms.

    Originally posted byMr.V.desikan