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  • Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 035 -- Shlokam: 06

    सौमित्रिस्त्वत्र शक्तिप्रहृतिगलदसुर्वातजानीतशैल-
    घ्राणात् प्राणानुपेतो व्यकृणुत कुसृतिश्लाघिनं मेघनादम् ।
    मायाक्षोभेषु वैभीषणवचनहृतस्तम्भन: कुम्भकर्णं
    सम्प्राप्तं कम्पितोर्वीतलमखिलचमूभक्षिणं व्यक्षिणोस्त्वम् ॥६॥

    Lakshmana, who was stricken unconscious by a mighty blow from Ravana's powerful lance, regained his breath after inhaling the medicinal herbs on the Sanjeevini mountain, which Hanuman, brought in time from a faraway land across the ocean .Indrajit, who was very proud of his prowess in delusionary tactics, was then killed by Lakshmana.. The use of delusion (maya) by Ravana, created confusion in the battlefield and Thou became agitated, but Thy mind was put to rest by Vibhishana, who explained the true state of affairs to Thee. Then Thou destroyed Kumbhakarna, who approached Thee with his earth-shaking gait, swallowing the whole army of monkeys on his way.