Dasakam: 064 -- Slokam: 10

करबदरवदेवं देव कुत्रावतारे
निजपदमनवाप्यं दर्शितं भक्तिभाजाम् ।
तदिह पशुपरूपी त्वं हि साक्षात् परात्मा
पवनपुरनिवासिन् पाहि मामामयेभ्य: ॥१०॥

O Lord! Thy unattainable abode was revealed to the devotees with such ease and clearly as a berry in one's palm. In which other incarnation of Thee has such a thing happened? So, it is certain that here in the form of a cowherd, Thou are the Supreme Self. O Guruvaayurappa! save me from ailments.