Dasakam: 075 -- Slokam: 07

हा धिक् कष्टं कुमारौ सुललितवपुषौ मल्लवीरौ कठोरौ
न द्रक्ष्यामो व्रजामस्त्वरितमिति जने भाषमाणे तदानीम् ।
चाणूरं तं करोद्भ्रामणविगलदसुं पोथयामासिथोर्व्यां
पिष्टोऽभून्मुष्टिकोऽपि द्रुतमथ हलिना नष्टशिष्टैर्दधावे ॥७॥

Even as the spectators were about to leave the scene, being unhappy and unwilling towitness that (unequal, as they thought) fight between two tender-bodied boys, on theone hand, and hardened wrestlers, on the other, Thou didst throw down to the ground,Chanura, who had already lost his life by being whirled round and round by Thee, by the hands, while Balarama, too, quickly crushed Mushtika to death. The rest of thewrestlers then, fled in fright, from the arena