Dasakam: 086 -- Slokam:2

तावत्त्वं रामशाली त्वरितमुपगत: खण्डितप्रायसैन्यं
सौभेशं तं न्यरुन्धा: स च किल गदया शार्ङ्गमभ्रंशयत्ते ।
मायातातं व्यहिंसीदपि तव पुरतस्तत्त्वयापि क्षणार्धं
नाज्ञायीत्याहुरेके तदिदमवमतं व्यास एव न्यषेधीत् ॥२॥

Along with Balaraam Thou quickly reached Dwaarika and confronted Saalva the owner of the aerial car Saubha whose army was almost destroyed. He knocked down Thy bow Shaaranga with a stroke of his mace. He even killed the likeness of Thy father which he had created by his magical abilities. Some say that even Thou were for a moment decieved by this illusion. But sage Vyaas has refuted this opinion.