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  • Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 086 -- Slokam:6

    जिष्णोस्त्वं कृष्ण सूत: खलु समरमुखे बन्धुघाते दयालुं
    खिन्नं तं वीक्ष्य वीरं किमिदमयि सखे नित्य एकोऽयमात्मा ।
    को वध्य: कोऽत्र हन्ता तदिह वधभियं प्रोज्झ्य मय्यर्पितात्मा
    धर्म्यं युद्धं चरेति प्रकृतिमनयथा दर्शयन् विश्वरूपम् ॥६॥

    In Thy role as Arjuna's charioteer, Thou saw the warrior sad and dejected in the face of the war, with the pitiful thought of having to kill his relations and his own people. Thou said to him 'O Friend! What is this? Aatman is eternal and only one. Who is the slain and who is the slayer here? Therefore giving up all fear of killing, surrender yourself to Me and carry out this righteous war.' By saying so and showing him Thy cosmic form, Thou brought Arjuna back to a balanced state of mind.