Dasakam: 091 -- Slokam: 02

भूमन् कायेन वाचा मुहुरपि मनसा त्वद्बलप्रेरितात्मा यद्यत् कुर्वे समस्तं तदिह परतरे त्वय्यसावर्पयामि । जात्यापीह श्वपाकस्त्वयि निहितमन:कर्मवागिन्द्रियार्थ- प्राणो विश्वं पुनीते न तु विमुखमनास्त्वत्पदाद्विप्रवर्य: ॥२॥

O All-pervading One!, whose mind is prompted by Your power consign, again, I offer and dedicate to Thee, , the Supreme Spirit who are here in the form of Lord Guruvaayur. Even if one is of low birth,(if) ones mind, actions, speech, organs, all sensual enjoyments and even vital energies are fixed at Thy feet, he sanctifies the worlds. It is not so even if a person is a Braahmin and is indifferent minded towards Thee.