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  • Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 05

    याथार्थ्यात्त्वन्मयस्यैव हि मम न विभो वस्तुतो बन्धमोक्षौ
    मायाविद्यातनुभ्यां तव तु विरचितौ स्वप्नबोधोपमौ तौ ।
    बद्धे जीवद्विमुक्तिं गतवति च भिदा तावती तावदेको
    भुङ्क्ते देहद्रुमस्थो विषयफलरसान्नापरो निर्व्यथात्मा ॥५॥

    In truth and essence, I am a part of you and, hence, I am neither "bound" nor"liberated". Thy two aspects of Maya and knowledge manifest, indeed, like dreaming and awakeningsubtle powers of Maya and Knowledge, in the same way as the (imaginary) distinction between the "dream" and "waking" states. The only difference between these two is one who is attached ,And one who is detached is only like the difference between these states, And while the attached one enjoys pleasures sitting on the tree called body,The detached one who enjoys the everlasting joy ,Does not enjoy the fruits called worldly life and so is not attached.