Dasakam: 097 -- Slokam: 06

प्रीत्या नारायणाख्यस्त्वमथ नरसख: प्राप्तवानस्य पार्श्वं
तुष्ट्या तोष्टूयमान: स तु विविधवरैर्लोभितो नानुमेने ।
द्रष्टुं माय़ां त्वदीयां किल पुनरवृणोद्भक्तितृप्तान्तरात्मा
मायादु:खानभिज्ञस्तदपि मृगयते नूनमाश्चर्यहेतो: ॥६॥

Thou as sage Naaraayana, along with Thy friend Nara,Very much wanted to see Markandeya and paid a visit to him,And that Markandeya praised you continuously by several prayers, But refused any boons from you , though you were prepared to give any boon,And when you compelled him, he requested you to show him Maya(illusion),For he being a sage without any desire and mind filled with devotion, Was not aware of the sorrow caused by Maya and wanted to see it, Out of his simple curiosity and sense of wonder.