Dasakam: 099 -- Slokam: 02

आद्यायाशेषकर्त्रे प्रतिनिमिषनवीनाय भर्त्रे विभूते-
र्भक्तात्मा विष्णवे य: प्रदिशति हविरादीनि यज्ञार्चनादौ ।
कृष्णाद्यं जन्म यो वा महदिह महतो वर्णयेत्सोऽयमेव
प्रीत: पूर्णो यशोभिस्त्वरितमभिसरेत् प्राप्यमन्ते पदं ते ॥२॥

That devotee ,who with devotion in his mind worships throughYagnyas and worship by offering oblations in Homa,That great Vishnu who existed much before the creation of the world,Who created the world , who is new every moment of time, who is Lord of all majesties, or a devotee who describes the incarnations of Lord, like that of Krishna, which is the greatest, he alone will be happy and full of renown, and at the end of his life will quickly attain the abode which is to be attained in the end - Thy abode.