Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 03

हृद्यं पूर्णानुकम्पार्णवमृदुलहरीचञ्चलभ्रूविलासै-
रानीलस्निग्धपक्ष्मावलिपरिलसितं नेत्रयुग्मं विभो ते ।
सान्द्रच्छायं विशालारुणकमलदलाकारमामुग्धतारं
कारुण्यालोकलीलाशिशिरितभुवनं क्षिप्यतां मय्यनाथे ॥३॥

Oh Lord , let your eyes ,which cools the entire world by its merciful looks.Which are made more prettier by your eye bows which move, like the gentle rippling waves on the Ocean of InfiniteCompassion; Thy eyes which are very lustruous and have rows of beautiful bluish eyelashes. They are shaped like big red lotus petals and have very beautiful pupils and cooling the world by their merciful glances; may those eyes be cast on me, who has no refuge other than Thee.