"shatamaanam bhavati shataayuH puruShaH shatendriyaH aayuShyevendriye pratitiShThati"

This is normally used by priests and scholars to give blessings to people. This is normally thought to mean "live for hundred years", because of the presence of the terms "shata" (hundred) and "aayu" (longevity).

As I see it, it means: "The count is by hundreds (many). Purusha (supreme cosmic being) exists as the living essence of hundreds of (many) beings. Purusha exists as the bodily prowess of hundreds (many). Purusha is established in the vital essence of beings just as in the bodily vigor."

It is saying that the subtle essence of beings as well as physical powers including senses etc are both aspects of the same supreme cosmic being!