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27 nakshatra temples

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  • 27 nakshatra temples

    27 nakshatra temples


    1. Introduction

    Birth stars are as important as the celestial planets in Astrology. Like it is important to visit the temples dedicated to the Navagrahas or celestial planets, it is also important to visit temples dedicated to ones Birth star or Janma Nakshatram. It is said that visiting the temple corresponding to your Birth star at least once a year removes obstacles and ensures happy life. The full list is as follows. For each star two temples are told, the convenient one can be chosen

    1. Ashwini or Aswathi or Ashwathi or Asvini

    Piravi Marundeeswarar Koil Situated in Thiruthuraipoondi which is about 30 Kms from Tiruvarur. 04369-222392, 94438 85316

    Dharbaranyeswarar temple Situated at Thirunallar about 6 Kms from Karaikal
    2. Bharani or Apa Bharani

    Agneeswarar Koil. This temple is at Nallaadai, situated 20 Kms from Mayavaram on Nagapattinam Route. It is about 3 Kms from Poraiyar. 04364-285341, 97159 60413, 94866 31196

    Vadaranyeswarar Temple This temple is at Thiruvalangadu, 45 Kms from Chennai on the route to Arakkonam.

    3. Karthigai or Krithika

    Gaathra Sundareswarar Koil This is at Kanjanagaram, at a distance of 8 Kms from Mayavaram on Poompuhar road. 04364-282853, 94874 43351

    Naganathar Temple Nagapattinam

    4. Rohini

    Pandava Dhootha Perumal Koil Situated in the lane opposite to Ekambareswarar Koil at Kanchipuram 044-27231899

    Sivayoginathar Temple Thiruvisanallur

    5. Mirugaseerisham or Mrigashiras or Mrigasira or Mrigashirsha

    Adi Narayana Koil at Enkan. Enkan is very famour for the Murugan temple. Enkan is near Tiruvarur on the road to Thanjavur via Koradacheri. 04366-269965, 94433 51528

    Vana Durga Devi Temple situated at Kathiramangalam at a distance of 5 Kms from Kuthalam & 16 Kms from Mayavaram.

    6. Thiruvadharai or Arudhra

    Abhaya Varadeeswarar Koil located at Adhiramapattinam at a distance of 12 Kms from Pattukottai in Tanjore District. 99440 82313, 94435 86451

    Agneeswarar Temple Thirukollikkadu near Tiruvarur

    7. Punarpoosam or Punarvasu

    Athitheeswarar Koil Vaniyambadi in North Arcot District. 04174-22652, 99941 07395

    Abathsahayeswarar Temple Alangudi

    8. Poosam or Pushyami or Pushya

    Akshayapureeswarar Koil. This temple is at Vilangulam. Vilangulam is situated at 20 Kms from Peravurani, in Tanjore District. From Pattukottai on the ECR towards Rameswaram this is at a distance of 30 Kms. 97507 84944, 96266 85051

    Karkadeswarar Temple Thirunandudevankudi is about 2 Kms from Thiruvisanallur and 8 Kms from Thiruvidaimarudhur

    9. Aayilyam or Ashlesha

    Karkadeswarar Koil Thirunandudevankudi is about 2 Kms from Thiruvisanallur and 8 Kms from Thiruvidaimarudhur. 0435-2000240, 99940 15871.

    Subramanya Swamy Temple Thirupurankundram

    10. Magham or Magha

    Mahalingeswarar Koil This temple is at Thavasimadai 25 kms from Dindugal on the road to Nattam. 95782 11659, 93624 05382

    Thillai Kali Temple Chidambaram

    11. Pooram or Poorva Phalguni or Purva or Purva Phalguni or Poorvaphalguni or Pubba

    Hari Theertheswarar Koil Situated at Thiruvarangulam, which is 10 Kms from Pudukottai on the road to Pattukottai. 98651 56430, 99652 11768.

    Sri Kalyanasundara Swamy Temple Thirumanacheri about 6 Kms from Kuthalam which is on Mayavaram-Kumbakonam route

    12. Uttiram or Uttara Phalguni

    Mangalyeswarar Koil Edaiyathumangalam is on Trichy-Lalgudi route. Just after Valadi you will find an arch to your right, take a right turn there and the road will lead you to this village. 0431-2544070, 98439 51363

    Kucchiamman Temple At Poovalur situated at a distance of 20 kms from Trichy and 3 Kms North of Lalgudi on Trichy Ariyalur road.

    13. Hastham or Hastha or Hast or Hasta

    Kripakupareswarar Koil This temple is at Komal, which is about 6 Kms from Kuttalam, which is on Kumbakonam Mayavaram Route. 95002 84866

    Thyagarajaswamy Temple Tiruvarur

    14. Chitirai or Chitra

    Chittirairatha Vallabha Perumal Koil Situated at Kuruvithurai about 23 Kms from Madurai and 8 Kms from Cholavandan. 94439 61948, 97902 95795

    Thyagarajaswamy Temple Tiruvarur

    15. Swaathi

    Prasanna Kundhalambika and Tantreeswarar Koil Sittukadu about 10 Kms from Poonamallee on Pattabiram route. 93643 48700, 93826 84485

    Jambukeshwarar temple Thiruvanaikaval is on the outskirts of Trichy near Srirangam

    16. Vishaka or Vishaakha or Vishakam

    Kumaraswamy Koil Thirumalai about 7 Kms from Shenkottai and 15 Kms from Thenkasi. 04633-237131, 237343

    Pralayanathar Temple Cholavandhan, 26 Kms from Madurai

    17. Anusham or Anuradha

    Lakhmsipureeswarar Koil. This temple is at Thiruninriyur about 6 Kms from Vaitheeswaran Koil on the road to Mayavaram. 04364-320 520

    Mahalingaswamy temple Thiruvidaimarudhur

    18. Kettai or Jyeshtha

    Varadaraja Koil Varadaraja Koil is at Pasupati Koil, 12 Kms from Tanjore on Kumbakonam route. 97903 42581, 94436 50920

    Angalaparameswari Amman Temple Situated at Palladam, 35 Kms from Coimbatore

    19. Moolam or Moola

    Singeeswarar Koil At Mappedu about 40 Kms from Chennai 044-27608065, 94447 70579, 94432 25093

    Meenakshi Amman Temple Madurai

    20. Pooradam or Purva Ashadha or Poorva Shada or Poorvashaada

    Akasapureeswarar Koil Kaduveli near Thiruvaiyar. 94434 47826, 96267 65472

    Bhakthajaneswarar Temple Thirunavalur is on Ulundurpet Panruti route at a distance of 16 Kms from Panruti.

    21. Uttiradam or Uttara Ashadha or Uttara Shada or Uthrashaada

    Brahma Pureeswarar Koil Situated at Keezhapungudi in Madurai district on the on the Melur Sivaganga Road. 99436 59071, 99466 59072

    Dharmapuram Durga Temple Mayavaram

    22. Thiruvonam or Shravana

    Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Koil This temple at Thiruparkadal is 4 kms from Kaveripakkam on the Chennai Vellore route. 04177-254929, 94868 77896

    Rajakaliamman Temple Chetpet in Chennai

    23. Avittam or Shravishtha or Dhanista or Dhanishta

    Brahma Gnana Pureeswarar Koil This temple at Korukkai is 5 Kms from Kumbakonam on the Patteeswaram Muzhaiyur road. 98658 04862, 94436 78579

    Magudeshwarar Temple Kodumudi is situated on Erode Trichy Highway, it is 26 Kms from Karur and 38 Kms from Erode.

    24. Sadayam or Shatabhisha or Shatataraka

    Agnipureeswarar Koil Thirupugalur about 10 Kms from Nannilam towards Nagapattinam. 04366-236 970

    Ardhanareeswarar Temple Thiruchengode

    25. Pooratadhi or Purva Bhadrapada or Poorva Bhadra

    Thiruvaneswarar Koil Ranganathapuram about 3 Kms from Thirukattupalli in Tanjore District. 94439 70397, 97150 37810

    Adishesha Perumal Temple Kanchipuram

    26. Uttiratadhi or Uttara Bhadrapada or Uttara Bhadra or Uthrabhadra

    Sahasra Lakshmeeswarar Koil Theeyathur about 15 Kms from Avudayar Kovil in Pudukkottai District on Thirupunavasal route. 04371-239212 99652 11768

    Panchanatheswarar Temple Thiruvaiyaru

    27. Revathi

    Kailasanathar Koil Karukudi about 2 Kms from Tattayangarpettai and 1.5 Kms from Mettuppalayam in Musiri Taluka of Trichy District. 97518 94339, 94423 58146

    Pranavavyaghrapureeswarar Temple Omampuliyur, 32 Kms from Chidhambaram.