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Finally – the greatest verdict is out!

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  • Finally – the greatest verdict is out!

    Finally – the greatest verdict is out!

    The false case foisted against our acharyas has come to a great end. Not just our acharyas but all 23 accused are acquitted. I believe that the judge has also included a statement that this case was fabricated due to personal vendetta of police officer (deceased) Prem Kumar.

    Enough to all the stress and the sufferings of both the Periyavas for the past 9+ years. The entire devotees’ prayers to Mahaperiyava and Goddess Kamakshi have been answered. How many veda parayanam, japams and homams have been conducted for this!! Veda matha has certainly stood behind all of us in this case….Among millions of devotees, I too want to join to celebrate this greatest day!

    In US, we are currently going having Thanksgiving holidays. For Kanchi devotees, more prayers and much more bakthi towards our greatest acharya parampara are the only thanksgiving we could all think of…

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara


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    Re: Finally – the greatest verdict is out!

    Sankararaman murder case - Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati acquitted

    Though I respect all learned Acharyas, I am not a follower of any Mutt or Ashram. But today I feel mentally relieved to hear the verdict in the criminal case filed against Kanchi Mutt Acharyas in the Sankararaman Murder Case. I am of the view that the Acharyas trained under a sage of great repute are not capable of even thinking of such a crime. I fully agree with the reasons given by Pondicherry Principal District and Sessions Judge C.S.Murugan while acquitting all the 23 accused in the case.

    Let us hope Acharyas of Kanchi Mutt continue with their spiritual and religious work for which the Mutt has been established.



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      Re: Finally – the greatest verdict is out!

      Expected verdict. Truth Always Triumphs. Thanks to the judge for having given the correct verdict without budging to any political pressure. These two Acharays adorned the Peetam during the life time of Paramacharaya and were trained by Him. How can any one even image such crime against them.

      Right from day one every one know clearly this was a fabricated case and only with a aim of taking revenge against Our Acharyas and the mutt. We should not stop our effort here. We all the true Bhakthas and devotees of Kamakoti Peetam should pray to Goddess Kamakshi to punish the people who were behind making this false case and propaganda.

      Let this serve as a lesson who always talks of secularism but doing thing against Hindus and particularly Brahmins.


      with Best regards

      S. Sankara Narayanan


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        Re: Finally – the greatest verdict is out!

        Dharmo rakshitho rakshithaha

        Click image for larger version

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          Re: Finally – the greatest verdict is out!

          Originally posted by Brahmanyan View Post
          But today I feel mentally relieved to hear the verdict

          This is what I also wanted to express!

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