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I desire to donate Rs.2000 now and continue some donation every quarter. Whethrtr the amount can be remitted through credit card. Otherwise can it be remitted by demand Draft in the name of the forum to the address of then forum

Firstly I wish to thank your interest for Donations to Forum.
I wish to share the below information about the Forum & Maintenance.

Note : In another post I had explained about my contributions to the website and forum so, I am not repeating it here again.

I planned to start an account in the name of the Forum.
For that also, we need some considerable amount.
Also, if an account started, then we have to produce the accounts to an auditor and get income tax clearance regularly every year.
I think so, I don't know the exact procedure.
Before doing everything, I am the only man who is looking after everything regarding this two websites
www.ahobilam.com and www.brahminsnet.com
for which I am spending most of my times and concentration.

So, a team of executives should join together to stat a Trust to mange this.
Let us start discuss and form a group by the end of March 2012.

Till then, all the donations to be transferred to my personal account or to my paypal account.

I wish to start some commercial activities apart from advertisements.
Some of our members may have some commercial products or commercial services, business etc.
They can sell or promote their product or service through this forum by giving some discount for the members of this forum
because almost all are belong to our Brahmin community.
Also, they can pay some reasonable share to this forum.

Then, if some products or things like crackers, yearly provisions purchased in bulk and can shared among members of
group formed around one locality.

So, that some revenue may come to this forum.

I wish to help lower middle clause brahmin lady or gentleman retired from job
or service without any pension or monthly income and not having helpful heirs
out of the income of this Forum.

Members can suggest more categories to help and support our community.

In this forum there is a paid subscription system which is not activated now.
If at least 10 or more members willing to join the paid subscription then we can activate it.

By now payments can be made to the following bank account:

Also, I can send an email request from PayPal for any particular amount if informed.

Dear you, Thanks for Visiting Brahmins Net!
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